What should I be careful about when storing my watch (wristwatch)?

General cautions

When not using your watch, carefully wipe off perspiration, dirt, water, etc., and store it avoiding hot, cold and humid places. Storing it when it is dirty will cause rust. Also, be aware when you use your watch again, the dirt, rust, etc., may stain the sleeves of your clothes, or your skin, if sensitive, may form a rash.

Magnetic influence

Avoid such places that are affected by magnetism (near the speakers of audio equipment, magnetic necklaces, cell-phones, etc.). Your watch may go out of order under a magnetic influence. Also, avoid storing your watch in places with strong vibrations, where the accuracy may deteriorate.

Chemical substances

Do not leave your watch in places where chemical substances are discharged or in places where your watch can come into contact with chemicals. Be aware that the case, band, dial, etc., may be discolored, or the band, if made of metal mesh, may become thin in wire, resulting in a cut.

  • Examples of chemicals: Organic solvents of iodine antiseptic solution, mercury, benzine, thinner, etc., and those containing them
    (gasoline, fingernail polish, cosmetic sprays, etc., cleaning fluids, toilet-bowl cleaners, adhesives, etc.)