What is the influence of magnetism?

There are many products around you that generate magnetism, such as electric products (such as speaker parts of audio products), cellular phones, magnetic necklaces, and magnets of furniture and bags. Sudden "stop", "delay" or "advance" may be affected by magnetism.

Analog quartz watches and combination quartz watches use the nature of the magnet to drive the motor to move the hands. However, when the watch is exposed to strong magnetism from the outside, normal rotation may be affected, causing the watch to stop, delay or gain.

A watch with magnetic irregularity is not a malfunction. Moving the watch away from magnetism restores its accuracy. Reset the watch to the correct time again before using the watch. Magnetic necklaces and mobile phones generate strong magnetic fields. Take special care not to place the watch with a magnetic necklace or cell phone when it is removed or put in a bag. Be aware that some medical devices also generate extremely strong magnetism.

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(Note): The above information applies to the members of
the Japan Clock & Watch Association and their products.