What are the size and weight of a watch/clock?

Size description, on a catalogue/leaflet is shown as left(D),(H) and(W)

(1) Watch



  • Displays the vertical (H), horizontal (W), thickness (D), and maximum dimensions.
  • The thickness (D) is from the top of a glass or rotating bezel to the case back surface, excluding the thickness of the magnification lens on the glass.
  • The illustration or photograph of the watch usually shows a magnification like full size or such as 70%.


  • The weight includes those of the watch body and strap/bracelet, and excludes such as tag(s), card board(s), etc.

Lug width

  • The lug width is the inside dimension of the case legs to which a strap/bracelet is installed. Since the width of the strap/bracelet should be almost same as the lug width, when replacing the strap/bracelet, please use the same dimension of strap/bracelet width as the lug width of the case.

(2) Clock



  • The maximum length(H), width(W)and thickness(D) are shown.


  • The weight is approximate including battery(ies).