What should I be careful about when using my quartz watch (wristwatch)?

Even for use of a quartz watch (wristwatch), precautions should be taken as follows:


Occasionally turn the crown free.

Since there are few occasions to operate the crown of a quartz watch, if it is left with dirt attached, the crown may become stuck and it is hard to operate the crown.


Be careful about magnetism.

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static electricity

Be careful about static electricity.

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strong shocks

Be careful about strong shocks.

If a severe shock is given to a watch, such as dropping it on the floor or hitting it against a rock, the positional relationship between the gears may go out of order and the hands may become misaligned, or in the case of the perpetual type, the reference position may go out of adjustment.
If you cannot set your watch properly, consult your watchmaker.


An overhaul is required.
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