Thermal generating system watches

Thermal generating technology has been used in space exploration for many years. A thermal generating system was installed in Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977. 

Although the thermal generating system watch does not need a large amount of electromotive force, the system should be small enough to fit inside the watch. Therefore, it is necessary to miniaturize the system through state-of-the-art micro machining technology. Additionally, an adiabatic structure is required to use temperature differences between body heat and air, which are extremely small compared to temperature differences that occur in space, as much as possible. It is said that if 100 percent of the human bodyfs heat can be converted into electricity, it would be the equivalent of illuminating a 60W bulb. Providing a temperature difference at the junction of each of two different types of metals or semiconductors creates voltage. This phenomenon called the Seebeck effect, which was discovered 150 years ago, is applied to the thermal generating system watches.

Quartz movement (Thermal generating system watches)

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